HOME Interchangeable Board Signs

HOME Interchangeable Board Signs

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10:00am - 12:00pm

These HOME boards are so much fun! The 8"x24" boards come with interchangeable 6" cutouts to place in the space of the O... Choose any three! The cutouts attach with velcro, making it easy to swap out with each season.

A stencil makes it easy to get perfect lettering. Basic guidelines will be provided, along with example photos for how you might want to paint each piece. Then it's up to you to paint each cutout however you'd like (don't worry, help is always available throughout the event so we can be sure your vision becomes reality!). Choose from a pumpkin, Christmas tree, snowman, heart, bunny, watermelon, Indiana, horseshoe, or owl.

All supplies provided and NO experience is necessary!

Registration is required. All classes are nonrefundable.