Elementary Stitching Basics

Elementary Stitching Basics

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Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm

October 9 AND October 16

Learn a life skill while sewing your own Smart-Fab pillow!

This course will introduce the very basics of hand sewing: threading a needle, tying a knot, and basic stitching. We'll learn to trace, cut, pin, and sew the provided pattern, then stuff and assemble the pillow!

Parents, please note that although we will be using larger, slightly blunter needles, they do still have points sharp enough to penetrate fabric. We will begin class by discussing safe sewing habits, but there is definitely still a risk of poked skin. I've been sewing for years and I still hurt myself from time to time! 

Class price includes all art materials. Recommended for grades 1-3.

Registration is required. All classes are nonrefundable.