Children's Puppy Adoption Parties

Due to the closing of Indie's brick and mortar location, parties are currently being booked for ONLINE events only. As it becomes safer for group gatherings, I will begin booking in-home events, or events located at other public locations.


 Children will "adopt" a soft, plush puppy, create a beaded collar, and paint a pet carrier to take it home in!

For puppy adoption parties, plush puppies and all related materials are provided: blank pet carriers, paint, beads, paint, brushes, and aprons. All painting materials are packaged in individual kits. The kits will be delivered to the party host, who will then be responsible for distributing the kits to each party guest. A Zoom link will also be given to the host so all guests can log in to a private Zoom party. 

    • An ONLINE party for up to 10 kids is $185. Each additional child is an extra $15.

Email to discuss booking your par