Acrylic Pouring Class

Acrylic Pouring Class

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Saturday, October 19
1pm - 3:30pm

It's back!! Acrylic pouring is a whole different take on painting! Pouring is part art, part science... Instead of applying paint with a brush, you'll learn how to pour acrylic paint and use gravity to spread the paint across the surface to create some amazing designs. Every pouring is completely different!

This class is perfect for beginners who are interested in learning more about pouring! We will discuss a variety of terms used in pouring, learn about different techniques used in pouring, and how to manipulate the paint to get unique effects. We will use what we've learned to create a set of 4 square 8"x8" canvases. Anyone can learn this interesting painting technique!

Note: Pouring results in thick, slippery paint that can warp if disturbed before completely dry. A protective gloss coating will also be applied. Because of this, it is recommended that you leave your paintings at the studio for 2-3 weeks. Pickup arrangements are flexible!

The class price of $40 includes all supplies. Recommended age is 18 and up. Registration is required. All classes are nonrefundable.