Mending Motherhood Fundraiser

Mending Motherhood Fundraiser

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Note: This event takes place at the Hancock Wellness Center in McCordsville, located at 8505 N Clearview Dr, McCordsville, IN 46055.

Have you ever dropped a precious vase or bowl and watched it break? Did you throw it away? InJapan, broken pottery is often mended with liquid gold in a traditional art called Kintsugi. The gold accentuates the “flaw” and turns it into something unique and beautiful, probably even more beautiful than the original piece of artwork.

Mending Motherhood is a community where women can come together to share their journeys through postpartum depression and anxiety...where women can remember that who they become on the other side of that journey isn’t someone broken but someone mended and made more beautiful because of their experience.

Mending Motherhood is currently on its own journey toward becoming a non-profit so that it can do more for more women and we want you to join us in helping make that happen! The majority of the profit from our Kintsugi-inspired acrylic painting go toward the expenses for Mending Motherhood as it becomes a non-profit.

All supplies provided, including a 12"x12" canvas.

Registration is required and seats are limited. All events are nonrefundable.